Alaa Abdelnaby Joins The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta | Monday April 25th, 2022

It is welcome back Monday on The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta live from Steven Singer Studios talking about the Phillies and the Sixers, joined by 76ers Color Analyst Alaa Abdelnaby. 


After the weekend’s madness, Marc discusses the Phillies’ struggles and the evildoer of America’s Pastime in Angel Hernandez’s strike zone. Last night, Kyle Schwarber represented all of the baseball world, not just the Phillies and the Brewers, when reacting the way he did. With all the technology Major League Baseball has added to the game, Farzy has never felt more inclined toward Robo-Umps as a traditionalist for the game.


Euro-stepping into Sixers talk, Marc talks about the news of Joel Embiid needing surgery for his ligament tear in his thumb. Farzy praises the big man for his toughness and that he keeps getting up after getting knocked around on the court. This man will not quit for his team or this city, and it is great to have him on the Philly squad. 


Is Joel playing at 75% or 90%? Marc hopes that this does not indicate another second-round exit and roots to be wrong. The only way to tell is to see “The Process” in action with the rest of the Sixers tonight at 8 pm at the Wells Fargo Center.  


Then, on the Rothman Orthopedic Guest Line, Farzetta talks with 76ers Color Analyst Alaa Abdelnaby about the Sixers taking the series win tonight against the Toronto Raptors and everything in the basketball world. Marc asks the age-old question to Alaa, “If not Joel, then who?” Alaa believes that Tobias Harris will be the key to the Sixers’ success. There is room for James Harden, of course, but seeing the return of the first three games of the series version of Harris will be critical in defending against Pascal Siakam. Alaa believes “The Beard” is just getting started in Philly and has a lot left in the tank to keep the momentum going. 


The Steak and Main check in on Social Media returns with Marc answering all the fans’ comments from the live feed and chatting about Philly sports. Farzy points out…well, Ben Simmons does it all on his own on the sidelines, as he shows his Homie the Clown-Esque attire as a professional athlete and does not play for his team when they need him is bizarre. The basketball world annihilated him on social media. Farzetta and the rest of Philly are glad he is not the Sixers’ problem anymore.


Sky Motor Cars bring you everything you should know on the Morning Rush, letting you know the Phightin Phils return against the Colorado Rockies in South Philadelphia with a 6:45 pm start time with Kyle Gibson on the mound. Finally, at 8 pm, the Philadelphia 76ers host the Toronto Raptors for Game 5 and hopefully the final game of this first-round playoff series. 


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