Barstool Smitty joins Marc Farzetta | Sixers Reaction Special | The Farzy Show 6/23

Farzetta is back bringing you everything going on in Philly Sports. We’ve got Girardi’s ejection, baseball losing its mind, and more takes on Ben Simmons, so keep reading.

Farzy doesn’t understand why more athletes don’t use the phrase “right now” more as it puts things in context. “Right now, Ben Simmons is on this team. Right now, Daryl Morey is evaluating everyone on this roster.” Marc says that nobody’s spot on the team is guaranteed. He also comments on Morey’s witty response to a journalist when asked if he was going to reevaluate the value of Ben Simmons. Watch his reaction here

“The next couple of months are the make or break for Ben Simmons,” Farzy says. He would love him to be more than just a 70% free throw player but he is setting realistic expectations. “Everything that could have gone wrong with Ben Simmons has gone wrong,” a flustered Farzetta says. 

Despite Rhys Hoskins and Bryce Harper hitting home runs, the Phillies fell 3-2 to the Washington Nationals. Marc then catches us up on the latest developments in the MLB cheating scandal, with umps having to frisk the pitchers. “What’s happening in baseball is an embarrassment” Farzy states. 

Marc goes into Joe Girardi’s expulsion in last night’s game after staring down Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer, who Girardi thought had been touching his cap weirdly all game. In the post-game press conference, Girardi said he “Has to do what is right for our team.” Farzy did not have an issue with Girardi having umps check other players but understands why pitchers are pissed off.

Marc welcomes in Barstool Smitty, who has long been a Simmons supporter and defender. Though after the playoffs, he has lost hope. “It is a shame because you cannot defend him anymore,” Smitty says. Farzy does not see Simmons being traded unless the Sixers can somehow get Damian Lillard. Smitty disagrees saying “Ben is the most toxic athlete in Philadelphia.” 

Farzy characterized Ben Simmons’ performance “as the most embarrassing performance in a postseason by an athlete.” To which Smitty responded, “That is a bold statement considering the many breakdowns we have seen in the postseason.”  Smitty says that Glen’s (because Doc still needs to be earned) decision of keeping Simmons in the game was despicable. Both agree that Simmons has the potential to be an MVP or a future Hall of Famer but he has not lived up to his potential. Smitty says he “Has never seen a mental breakdown like that in all of sports.”

For Smitty, “if Embiid wants him [Simmons] gone, then he is out, it doesn’t matter how much value he is worth.” He also feels like Furkan Korkmaz needs to go as he has been given too many opportunities in the past and has not been able to convert.

During our social media check-in, brought to you by Steak and Main, Farzy hears reactions from fans about Daryl Morey and Ben Simmons. The poll of the day was: Do you think Ben Simmons played his last game in Philadelphia? 62% of you thought that Ben Simmons was done. 

In the Morning Rush segment, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Farzy checks in with Dwight Howard who argues that the fans have been too hard on his teammate, saying “Ben is still discovering who he is as a person and as a basketball player.”

Farzy still believes in Simmons but is growing frustrated with his lack of progress finding himself repeating the same thing each year.  Farzy tells us about how Carl Nassib, a day after coming out, has claimed the NFL’s top-selling jersey across the Fanatics network. In other news, the Phoenix Suns took a 2-0 lead against the Los Angeles Clippers.