Ben Simmons Trade Coming? Jalen Hurts or Deshaun Watson? | Geoff Mosher joins The Farzy Show 7/29

Who’s excited to hear Farzy break down the Sixers and Phillies future moves?  He also gets you caught up on the Eagles training camp.

All eyes are on the NBA Draft tonight with the Sixers having the 28th pick. The real question is what will happen with Ben Simmons? Could there be a trade tonight?  “It is unlikely but we are getting closer to it,” Farzy warns.  Woj also has the hot takes on what teams are asking for. According to NBA Central, The Sixers wanted four first-round draft picks, three pick swaps, and a young player from the Spurs in exchange for Ben Simmons, per @KevinOConnorNBA.  A trade with Ben Simmons is now not a question of if but when.

Unfortunately, the Washington Nationals were not able to take the field last night as they had multiple Covid cases and were forced to postpone the game to today, making it a doubleheader.

Training camp is well underway for the Eagles, with a lot of talk surrounding Zach Ertz and potential future Eagle Deshaun Watson. “The Eagles have no intention of having Zach Ertz as being QB 1,” but the question Marc asks is: Who will start the most games? Will it be Deshaun Watson, Jalen Hurts, or Joe Flacco?

On the Rothman Orthopaedics Guest Line, Farzy welcomes in inside the birds’ podcast, Geoff Mosher, who talks about everything going on with Jalen Hurts and Deshaun Watson. His personal belief is that he thinks Zach Ertz wants to be somewhere else and that is felt by the Eagles staff. If you want to hear more, please go check out the inside the birds podcast. As far as Devante Smith, Mosher was blunt, “it was not his best day.” Though he reasoned: “It is only day one and I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.” Hopefully he can sure things up as the season draws closer.

Check back in tomorrow for results from the Phillies doubleheader and all things NBA Draft.