Bryce Harper Sends Message to Phillies Front Office! | Eagles Report! | The Farzy Show 7/28

Farzy is ready to catch you up on everything going on with the Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers! There is also some Olympics to catch up on. 

Farzy starts off the show, sharing his appreciation for the great events he gets to be a part of with Buzz Sports Entertainment. Yesterday, was another example of that when Marc joined forces with Riley Cote and his producer James Heiden, for an event put on by the Ertz Family Foundation which provides opportunities for youth to learn the value of exercise, nutrition, leadership, work ethic, accountability, and teamwork in the North Philly area. Go to this website for more information on ways you can help make a difference. 

Unfortunately, the Phillies lost against the Washington Nationals 4-6, which puts them back at .500. The trade deadline is right around the corner, coming up on Friday at 4 p.m. ET, and Farzy goes in-depth about what is going on in the Phillies roster, with potential trades in the cards. For Marc one thing is clear, “we need more consistent pitching! This is not how the team is going to win the division.”

“Right now, you have enough veterans and good hitters, with a legitimate closer you have enough to get past the Mets,” an excited Farzy says. 

As of the latest reports and with training camp getting underway, Jalen Hurts is your Eagles QB. Are you happy with this or would you prefer another option? 

Farzy brings us up to date on the Flyers and how they will be a much different team come next season. “I am flat out giddy for!” an excited Farzy says. 

Marc talked yesterday about Simmons’ lack of communication with the Sixers as potential trades are still up in the air. It will also be interesting to see which new talent the Sixers will receive. That answer will be given tomorrow night at the NBA Draft. The other pressing question Marc asks is: “Do the Sixers want to waste precious years with Joel Embiid?”

Check back in tomorrow’s show to see what the Sixers and Phillies are trading for as important deadlines near.