Dave from @UKPhillies joins The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta

We got a Sixers game to talk about! We got a Phillies game to talk about! Who is excited for today’s episode with Marc Farzetta?


Marc kicks things off with the Phillies by saying that they were pretty bad and that Zach Eflin gave you exactly what you needed. Twenty-four old Luke Williams, who recently debuted for the Phillies, scored a decisive home run that gave the Phillies a 2-1 victory over the Atlanta Braves. Want to know what joy looks like? Watch Williams’ emotional reaction after the game.


On to the Sixers, Farzy responds to Stephen A.’s comments about the Sixers not being able to beat the Nets by pointing out that they aren’t playing the Nets. Does Farzy think the Sixers can beat the Nets?  Yes! But WILL they is the real question.”


In Marc’s eyes, the Sixers are not going to risk Embiid and will probably set their sights on next year.

He expects to see Rivers preserve Embiid a bit more moving forward. Many people are talking about Ben Simmons who lost out to Rudy Gobert for defensive player of the year. Do you think he deserved top honors?  Farzetta goes in-depth about how much Simmons contributes to this team if we can look past his low point totals. This is a team that is getting national attention and if Ben Simmons can score then he will turn some heads.


Marc welcomes an impromptu Phillies fan named Dave all the way from the U.K. He talks about the growing British fandom of the MLB, his love affair with Philadelphia, and his reaction to rookie Luke Williams’ incredible home run, comparing it to Bryce Harper’s walk-off grand slam. He gets into the aromas and relaxed atmosphere of Citizens Park. “Ever since that moment I was hooked,” Dave says.  He also adds that because of the time difference between the UK and Philly, he starts his day with the stinging Phillies defeat while the folks in PA can sleep on it.


This week’s Farzy In The Field Feature presented by Fan Up takes Marc to the French Creek Golf Course where he catches up with our beloved Philly athletes for a charity event put on by Athletes for Care. This organization, founded by former Flyer Riley Cote and a group of retired athletes, helps people adjust to normal life after their professional sports careers.  Farzy asks the athletes who they would pick for their dream foursome. Everybody picked MJ to be in the mix.


During the social media check-in brought to you by Steak and Main, Marc responds to fans’ comments about his glistening bald head as well as reactions to Stephen A. Smith and the rise of baseball’s popularity. Marc also talks about how the first thing he does when he visits a foreign country is to try and catch a game.


During the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Farzy talks about the Phoenix Suns dominance over the Denver Nuggets of newly crowned MVP Nikola Jokic.  The Brooklyn Nets will play the Milwaukee Bucks tonight. Former Philadelphian, Atlanta Hawks player De’Andre Hunter will get surgery on his torn meniscus and will be missing the remainder of the postseason.


In the Big Bets segment brought to you by Draft Kings, Marc talks about the Nets being the 3.5 point underdog in tonight’s matchup against the Bucks, predicting the upset.