Eagles Legend- Hugh Douglas | Sixers Series Recap | HUGHSDAY on The Farzy Show 6/22

Happy HUGHSDAY! Welcome back for another edition of The Farzy Show!  Marc spent yesterday’s show trying to put the Sixers in perspective. Farzetta starts off the show by recapping his thoughts on Ben Simmons and how not to be fooled by photos of Simmons working out. Marc recalls seeing him working out half heartedly at LSU and compares that to the work ethic of his teammate. “Joel Embiid needed to work on his defensive footwork, he has done that.  He needed to work on the touch on his jump shot, he has absolutely done that.” he points out. 

Marc checks in with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski who discusses his thoughts on Ben Simmons, stating that his “Trade value is not what it has been in the past.”  Marc addresses how the Sixers can make that next step.  To get to the Eastern Conference Finals, a Ben Simmons with a jump shot, a Ben Simmons with a free throw.”

Farzy talks about the most awful postseason performances in Philly history.  He starts off with Game 5 of the Cardinals/Phillies series where Ryan Howard blew out his achilles and was never the same, the Eagles getting blown out in the 1980 Superbowl, and  Donvon Nabes’ interception. The Flyers struggling to get out of the first round is also on Marc’s list of postseason woes. but at least they all TRIED. Farzy cannot say the same about Ben Simmons. To hear more about that, read Ed Narkowits article, 9 worst losses in Philadelphia sports history- not including the Sixers’ epic loss.  

Marc welcomes in Hugh Lamont Douglas to get his reactions on the Atlanta Hawks victory over the Sixers. Douglas goes in depth on his thoughts regarding Ben Simmons who he believes may not have been up to it mentally. Both men agree that “Philly is just not for everybody!”  There is a certain level of expectation and rigor, Farzy says. “Philly is a gritty, hard nose, blue collar town.” Douglas tells us about his old stomping ground before adding, “That is why I love this city, it  can either make you or break you.” For Hugh there is no other option for Simmons, but to leave Philadelphia.

Douglas points out that “The one thing athletes are not able to do is show weakness,” He cites Naomi Osaka as a prime example of an athlete publicly going through mental issues and speculates that could be the same for  Simmons, “It may be deeper than basketball.” 

Douglas also has to justify his ties to Atlanta where  he lives and works, but tweeted that he remains a Philadelphian at heart. He says to save the wrath for  Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. He finishes off by talking about the John Collins poster on Joel Embiid that is now a shirt of the play worn by Collins and thousands of Hawks fans. 

They then talk about Carl Nassib, who became the first NFL player to come out as gay. Hugh applauds him and is happy for him, as Nassib had struggled for 15 years.  Farzy can’t wait until a player’s sexual orientation is no longer newsworthy.

During our social media check-in, brought to you by Steak and Main, Marc talks about the wide open path the Sixers had with no Lebron, KD, or Steph Curry lurking in the Finals.

In the Morning Rush segment, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Marc discusses his opinion on paying college athletes. For him it is simple: “You don’t pay athletes!”  Farzy argues that athletes should be allowed to make money from sponsorships.  He then talks about the sticky substances that MLB players have been using, as Jacob deGROM was checked by the ump. In basketball news, Becky Hammon and Chauncy Billups vye for the opening head coaching position left open by Terry Sotts. Tonight is Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns.