Jimmy Kempski Joins The Farzy Show | Eagles Offseason | 5/25

Welcome all listeners of The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta, joined today by Jimmy Kempski of, to talk all things Eagles Offseason. Marc discusses yesterday’s Uvalde, Texas School Shooting, and plays Warriors head coach Steve Kerr’s powerful speech. It is time to step up and protect our children and others from violence. This shooting is the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook. For more updates on the shooting and legislature. 


Starting the show differently, The viewers express their feelings about the shooting and the polarizing political situation. Now, transitioning into sports, the Phillies drop game two against Atlanta in atrocious fashion. Above all, Kyle Gibson gave another innings-eating performance and only gave up two runs. Then, Bryce Harper blasts a two-run homer to the Chop House in the top of the 9th. After that, Roman Quinn fails to make a routine play in the outfield, which inevitably allows Atlanta to score two runs in the bottom of the 9th. The Phillies lost 6-5 in a game they should have won. 


Next, Farzy gets into the Eagles OTAs and press conference regarding the new additions to the team. Jonathan Gannon received a proverbial lay-up question to energize the fanbase and just took a lukewarm drive up the middle. Maybe, Gannon is just keeping things close to the vest. Hopefully, this “scheme” people are talking about exists, and the Birds’ defense will need to implement it aggressively.  


Then, on the Rothman Orthopedic Guest Line,’s Eagles writer Jimmy Kempski discusses everything currently happening with the Birds. Farzetta highlight Kempski’s article about the Eagles’ receiving corps. Moreover, Jimmy discusses Jalen Hurt’s mechanics and throwing accuracy will be trouble. Hopefully, the offseason has allowed him to work on these issues. The Eagles seem protective of their scheme. They have added an edge rusher coach position that did not previously exist, expanding the staff. However, Kempski thinks the Eagles have had a great offseason, but they need to bolster their safety position. If they want to compete, Jesse Bates III must be on the radar for the Birds. 


Finally, the Steak & Main sponsors the chat check on Social Media, answering all the fans’ comments and concerns about Philly sports. Marc loves and appreciates all the fans who watch the show worldwide, from Okinawa to Greece to Australia, right here in the City of Brotherly Love. Above all else, fans are enraged with the Phillies and Joe Girardi’s mismanagement of the bullpen. Overall, Marc believes that Girardi will not last the season at this rate.  


On the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, the Phillies will continue their four-game, and Ranger Suarez will take on former Phillie Charlie Morton tonight at 7:20 pm. The Warriors lost Game 4 of the WCF. The Celtics will take on the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the ECF. Game 5 of the ECF has an 8:30 pm tip-off time in South Beach.  


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