Evan Macy Joins The Farzy Show | Phillies Tough Schedule | Sixers Offseason Moves | 5/17

Happy Election Day, Philadelphia! Welcome back to The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta for another Talking Head Tuesday with your host, joined today by Evan Macy of The Philly Voice. Today’s show will discuss Bryce Harper winning NL Player of the Week, Sixers off-season needs, and more Phillies baseball. 


Farzetta starts the show by breaking down the three people who became Public Enemies #1, #2, and #3. Numero uno, Patrick Beverley, more or less, told the truth about one of Marc’s favorite players in Chris Paul (Future HOF). Beverley’s “hot takes” on certain teammates incited much discussion and anger amongst fans. Numero dos, weather people, are not always reliable even though they monitor the weather for a living. Mother Nature acted erratically for a Farzetta Family get-together over the weekend, but still, everyone had a great time. And finally, Numero tres, Marcus Hayes’ take on Joel Embiid during yesterday’s show and in his article shook Philly Sports fans. 


Next, Farzy talks about how the Sixers and James Harden are open to payment renegotiations to get the best possible team assembled in South Philadelphia. Knowing that an undeserving mega-deal could be looming over the Sixers with Harden is not great news. According to NBA analysts, Daryl Morey has a plan for this team, and it would be amazing if they brought Bradley Beal, for instance, to Philadelphia. How will the Sixers construct the team for next season? Will Doc Rivers be coaching? How big of a leap will Maxey make? Is James Harden the same player he was in Houston? 


Then, on the Rothman Orthopedic Guest Line, Marc Farzetta is joined by Evan Macy of The Philly Voice to talk all things Philadelphia Phillies. Macy gets into how fortunate Phillies Phans should be to have Bryce Harper play through injury at an MVP level. Evan believes that the Phils can still win games with an elite lineup and average pitching. The Phillies lead the National League in exit velocity and are Top-10 in hitting. Marc and Evan discuss Odubel Herrera’s swing at a pitch between his legs and the need for Mickey Moniak’s return. The Phillies have had one of the most demanding schedules in baseball but manage to hover around .500. Logic stands that things will get easier and can move up in the rankings; however, Macy does not believe they are better than the Mets. The schedule will get easier, and the Phillies really are contenders. 


Finally, The Steak and Main sponsors the chat check on Social Media, answering all the fans’ comments and concerns about Philly sports. Are the Phillies going to be the Marlins to the Dodgers? We will see. Marc cracks up about the Marcus Hayes comments on Joel Embiid. Marc talks about watching Mark Recchi, and Farzy is not older than Recchi. 


On the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, the Phillies are 17-18 on the season and start a three-game set against the San Diego Padres tonight at 6:45 pm. Mike Clevinger will face a Phils bullpen game with Bryce Harper, hopefully back in the lineup. Marc predicts the Celtics will beat the Heat in the ECF in 6-games because they are a deeper team. 


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