Hugh Douglas joins The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta

“It’s game day!  It all comes down to the big three of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris!” Farzy expresses.  Before barraging us with a series of questions: “Will Joel Embiid have it tonight? Will our sixers be able to hit shots from the outside and closeout strong?  This is the Sixers series to lose!” Who will be the Kevin Durant for the Sixers?” Will it be Ben Simmons? Maybe Tobias Harris?  Or could we see Seth Curry take over? With Farzy responding with a resounding yes!

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to play seven games,” Farzy tells us.  He knew that the Hawks were good but who knew that they would be this good… How could we predict that the Sixers would play so poorly? Farzetta continues to ask us the questions on every fan’s mind. “When Ben Simmons is hot, there is no telling how high this team can fly.

You just need your guys to play!” an adamant Marc says.  Who can play all forty-eight minutes of brutal playoff basketball?  Ben Simmons!

Who is excited about the recent legendary performances from this year’s NBA playoffs? Farzy talks about Kevin Durant’s historic performance, scoring 49 points in 48 minutes for the first time since 1963 when John Havlicek did it for the Boston Celtics.  Farzetta said Durant’s night was one of the greatest playoff performances he has seen in any sport ever.  Do you agree?

Marc welcomes in Hugh Douglas, who talks about the excitement surrounding the Atlanta Hawks.  “Atlanta gets a bad rep for being a bad sports town but the other night to hear the crowd through my television, was bananas!” as Hugh jokes that he felt like he was in Philadelphia.

“Should we be more concerned about Joel Embiid’s condition or the Atlanta Hawks?” Farzy asks Douglas. To which Hugh responds, “Speaking as a Philly fan at heart, I would be more concerned about the Atlanta Hawks.” Hugh likens this matchup to a Rocky fight with the Hawks being Rocky and the Sixers being Clubber Lang.

Farzy also gets into the Vince Wilfork story with his son, D’Aundre, being arrested for stealing his dad’s Superbowl rings. Farzy wraps up with Trae Young’s shoulder injury noting that it all comes down to who stays healthy.

During the social media check-in, brought to you by Steak and Main, Farzy jokes about how he is not a dog person and asks who we want to see in the starting lineup in tonight’s game.  Do you want Maxey, Thybulle or Korkmaz?

During the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, the Phillies end their series against the L.A. Dodgers with Zach Wheeler on the bump. They have lost two of their first three games before heading into a tough matchup against the San Francisco Giants.

In the Big Bets segment, brought to you by DraftKings, the Sixers are. -6.5 favorites with Farzy expecting them to cover at home.  Hopefully, we are back tomorrow talking about a Sixers win!