Hugh Douglas joins the Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta | Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Welcome back everyone on this fine Hughsday!  Marc is a bit gloomy with the Phillies’ poor play and inability to close out games following the Phillies’ 12-4 loss against the Cincinnati Reds but is looking forward to an entertaining interview with Hugh Lamont Douglas.  “With the Sixers out and the Flyers not making the playoffs, the Phillies have the opportunity to get some attention in Philadelphia,” Farzy says. Unfortunately, they have not been able to capitalize on this.  Marc is beyond frustrated when it comes to the Phillies and Joe Girardi.

“Historically, the Phillies have had the worst bullpen, which they have proved again this year. It seems like a hopeless lost cause at this point,” a disappointed Marc says. Rhys Hoskins’ comments following Saturday’s painful loss to the New York Mets were also frustrating to hear for all Phillies fans. Farzy asks us if there is such a thing as a moral loss. We also hear Spencer Howard’s comments on the Phillies and how he wants to be a starter.

Joe Girardi was also frustrated with the Phillies’ performance as they have blown twenty-one saves. “There is just no answer,” Farzy says.

On to Ben Simmons, with the Minnesota Timberwolves reportedly interested in Simmons. Well, that is cute Marc argues as the Timberwolves just don’t have the assets to do so, with Marc wanting nothing to do with D’Angelo Russell.” The Boston Celtics are also interested in Damian Lillard.

Farzy opens up about Jalen Hurts and his growing swagger, as his determined mindset delights Marc.

Joining us on the Zatos Investments Guest Line, Farzy welcomes Hugh Lamont Douglas for another fiery conversation. Hugh gets into the QB situation in Philadelphia, with Farzy saying it is Hurts position to lose. Douglas expresses his concern for Trae Young’s MRI saying that “It is about pain tolerance, your threshold for pain, and how much he can handle. As an athlete, you ask yourself what can I endure?”

While Atlanta is concerned about the Eastern Conference Finals, the Sixers have to decide what to do with Ben Simmons.  Douglas is growing worried about Simmons’ mental health, hoping it is nothing too serious. When Farzy asks Hugh whether Simmons can come back stronger next year, Douglas responds, “with Ben, there is a pattern of laziness.”  Marc hopes that Simmons can show us the eye of the tiger that certain athletes have.

In the social media check-in, brought to you by Steak and Main, fans share their frustrations surrounding the Phillies. Farzy digs deeper into the horrendous Phillies bullpen and the Phillies’ lack of development when it comes to their younger players. Farzy gets us excited about next Tuesday’s episode.

During our Morning Rush Segment, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Farzy. Catches us up on the Los Angeles Clippers taking Game 5 in Phoenix to bring the series back to Los Angeles for a highly anticipated Game 6.  We then hear from Jalen Hurts thoughts on switching teams within the NFL.  Farzy asks “why can’t everyone have that type of mentality?  It is just the swagger you want to see,” Marc says.

In the Big Bets Segment, brought to you by DraftKings, Marc is confident with Giannis scoring a double-double and the Milwaukee Bucks winning Game 4.