John Gonzalez joins the Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta

“Well, that sucked!” a disappointed Farzetta says on last night’s Game 4 loss against the Atlanta Hawks that evened the series at two games apiece. Farzy is not looking to comfort you after last night’s horrendous performance. Joel Embiid who played inspired and MVP caliber basketball all season just did not show up in Game 4, going 0-12 in the second half. “It is astonishing that the game was this close with how horrible they played,” Marc says. When was the last time you saw Embiid look that bad? Rookie year maybe?

The aggressive Ben Simmons that Farzy was hoping for was just not there. Though as pissed off Marc is at the Sixers, he does not see them losing this series. What got under his skin was Embiid’s distracted reaction to Kawhi Leonard’s thunderous dunk while being asked about his performance. “There are times where you want to see Embiid in a joking mood but now is not one of them,” a frustrated Farzy states.

He also comes back on his tweet in the middle of the third quarter that read: It’s that really cute part of the game where the Hawks think they are going to win. So adorable.” Another story of the game was the Sixers turnovers, finishing with three times as many as the Hawks. Was Embiid lumbering? Running on fumes? Farzy digs into Embiids’ condition and hopes he can under the question on everybody’s mind: Where is the MVP caliber Joel Embiid that we got to watch all season?

Marc welcomes in journalist for The Ringer, John Gonzales, who has major concerns. And add that to the growing list of concerns,” Gonzales tells Marc. Joel Embiid’s performance, a mere 38 points in the second half, the lack of depth the Sixers had, were all questions that Gonzales did not have answers to. “On a night where you get the Hawks to shoot 36% from the floor, and 30% from 3, and they STILL pull off the win… that’s not good. It is freak out time,” a concerned Gonzales expresses.

Having arguably the easiest path to the Eastern Conference Finals with only the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks standing in their way with a diminished Kyrie Irving and questionable James Harden for the Brooklyn Nets, our hopes were high. However, Gonzales believes we may have underestimated the Hawks.

Josh talks about the national opinion of Joel Embiid and what kind of reputation he holds on the other side of the country, predicting the Sixers will still win this series.

During the social media check-in, brought to you by Steak and Main, a shocked Farzy reveals that 73% of voters still believe the Sixers will win the series. “The guy who needs to step up is Ben Simmons, who went a mere 1-5 from the free-throw line,” a pissed-off Marc says.

During the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Marc encourages everyone to go check out Kawhi’s outrageous dunk. He then transitions to the Phillies whose offense did not muster anything, losing 3-1 to the Los Angeles Dodgers which put an end to their four-game winning streak.

In the Big Bets segment, brought to you by DraftKings, Farzy bet the Sixers to win at -3.5 and for Embiid to hit a double-double losing the former and winning the latter. Between the Jazz and the Phillies Marc only ended up losing 10 bucks. The Harden less, Irving less Brooklyn Nets are 4.5-point underdogs at home tonight in Game 5 against the Milwaukee Bucks, with Farzy taking the Bucks.