Paul Hudrick joins the Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta

TGIF! (Thank God it’s Farzy!) It’s Win or go home. Who’s ready for Game 6 of the Sixers and the Atlanta Hawks. Marc has never been more nervous ahead of tonight’s elimination game and knows that the stress won’t be alleviated until the final buzzer sounds, after having blown 18 plus point leads in Games 4 and 5.

What does Marc want to see tonight? “It’s simple: Ben Simmons attacking the rim with the Sixers clicking on all cylinders from the start.” The Sixers have to play like it is a Game 7 but even bringing this to 7 will not satisfy Farzy. This team has to make the Eastern Conference Finals” he says, with his growing frustration surrounding Ben Simmons performance. Marc has a bad feeling about tonight’s game. “They have put themselves in this position,” Farzy says following their last two collapses. “The Sixers are still the better team on paper,” Farzetta says. But will that be enough against this Hawks team that is filled with belief?

Marc encourages you to go check out former guest Marcus Hayes’ article in the InquirerSoft Sixers shame Philadelphia, a town known for toughness, in two NBA playoff collapses, exposing the Sixers softness in these Playoffs. He checks in with Ben Simmons’ press conference about his free throw shooting woes being mental at this point.

Farzy welcomes in 97.3 ESPN’s, Paul Hudrick, who spits fire on the Sixers and the horrendous last six quarters of Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris. Check out Paul’s article Lack of Shot Creation Doming Sixers Yet Again

Hudrick who has always defended Simmons on his podcast feels let down and has been proven wrong. “It’s really discouraging stuff from both of them,” Hudrick says.

Though for Paul it is not just the players but Doc Rivers as well, suggesting that he should stagger the lineups. Which player are you most pissed off at? Simmons? Harris? Is there an aspect of the Sixers that frustrates you the most? Simmons shooting woes? Their incapability to close out games? Paul is not sugar coding anything, saying the “Sixers have choked.”

Moving forward, you have to think of possible shot creators Hudrick says. Could that be Damian Lillard? Zach Levine? Things will need to change if the Sixers get knocked out tonight. He also talks about starting lineups saying “Korkmaz should not be playing 30 plus minutes,” adding “He would put Thybulle in but not play Dwight Howard.”

During our social media check-in, brought to you by Steak and Main, Marc talks about Paul’s ever-changing look, and Ryan Spaeder apologizing for his findings that have completely turned his life upside down. We check in with our poll: Do you think the Sixers win tonight? To which 54% of fans responded: yes.

In this week’s edition of Farzy in the Field, presented by Fan Up, Marc asks fans about what they would tell the Sixers ahead of Game 6 in Atlanta. Some of the best comments were from a fan who said: “They broke my heart but I am still repping” or a nine-year-old boy, pleading Simmons to make his free throws.

During the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Marc checks in as the Phillies take on the Giants tonight. In the other Eastern Conference semifinal, the Milwaukee Bucks bring the series to a highly anticipated Game 7 in Brooklyn. Farzy also puts a number on Simmons historic (in the wrong way) free throw shooting, going 33% from the charity stripe. That is not all, he is taking fewer shots going from 12 to 8.5 a game. He wraps things up with the Phoenix Suns fan receiving free tickets from Devon Booker.

In the Big Bets segment, brought to you by Draft Kings, the Sixers are -3 favorites, going into tonight’s game, with Marc putting his faith in the Sixers win as well as Double-double from Joel Embiid.