Phillies Lose to Atlanta | Embiid Trolls ECF | The Farzy Show 5/26

Well, the Phillies lose again to Atlanta in an embarrassing fashion with multiple fielding blunders. Joel Embiid trolls the ECF on Twitter. Philadelphia Sports finds more ways to disappoint its fans. The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta returns with another episode on this almost Friday. 


At the show’s top, the Philadelphia Phillies drop to 20-24 on the season and now sit eight games behind first place. J.T. Realmuto overthrew the ball to second, and Odubel Herrera missed the ball as it rolled into centerfield. Additionally, Nick Castellanos missed a cut-off man, and Bryce Harper got too aggressive on the basepath. The Phils gave away yesterday’s game to Atlanta with multiple missteps and miscues. Marc believes that there is no way that Joe Girardi does not get fired soon. The “lame-duck” manager of the Phils has consistently mismanaged the bullpen into losing quite a few winnable games. 


Next, Marc highlights Alec Bohm, Bryce Harper, and Jean Segura as the only fighters on the field because everyone else is underperforming. Farzy and the rest of us are all praying for the much-needed shake-up. Hopefully, Mickey Moniak or the firing of Joe Girardi brings that saving grace to this city. Overall, Moniak hit a homer during rehab; he stayed in shape while injured and should be back soon! We need a steady centerfielder. If Mickey Moniak can field and hit .260 BA, he will be that guy.


Then, in the Rothman Orthopedic Lockerroom Report, Joe Girardi discusses the unfortunate loss and the mounting mistakes in the field. Ranger Suarez did not pitch well and has not been consistent. Jose Alverado allowed four baserunners on ⅔ of an inning of work on 26 pitches. Alverado consistently cannot hit the strike zone, inevitably leading him to walk batters. In addition, the rest of the bullpen allows too many walks and gives the opponent the game. Phillies Phans can only hope for the best in this already tumultuous season. 


Finally, the Steak & Main sponsors the chat check on Social Media, answering all the fans’ comments and concerns about Philly sports. Joel “Troell” Embiid knew precisely what he was doing when he trolled everyone during the ECF. Embiid tweeted out that he thinks “Miami needs another star.” Possibly alluding to him wanting to leave Philly? The reality is the Sixers need another star player on their team. Daryl Morey needs to fleece someone soon to build this new team.


On the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, the Phillies wrap up the four-game set with Atlanta at 7:20 pm. Aaron Nola will face off against Kyle Wright at Truist Park. Joe Girardi needs to make adjustments and get this team to focus. Hopefully, the Phillies can get it together. Farzetta reflects on yesterday’s Birds conversation with Jimmy Kempski to end the show. 


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Photo Credits: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images