Phils Rout Brewers! | Dave Zangaro Joins The Farzy Show | 6/9

It is almost Friday here on The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta, joined today by NBCSports Philadelphia’s Eagles correspondent Dave Zangaro. The Phils rout the Brewers 10-0 to extend their win streak to six games. Rob Thomson becomes the first Phillies manager in 107 years to win his first five games! Also, the first manager since Jim Leyland took over for the Tigers in 2006. The GM responsible for hiring Leyland was none other than Dave Dombrowski. That Detroit Tigers team went on to appear in the World Series. 


To begin with, Farzy dives into the nitty-gritty of the Phillies’ players during this stretch. This team did not mesh well with Joe Girardi, which is evident. Bryson Stott’s short and compact two-run homer displayed an Utley-Esque batting style. The Phils players have gained the power and confidence to win games effectively. Aaron Nola pitched eight innings of no-run baseball against the Brewers while striking out six. Also, Stott, Hoskins, Herrera, and Harper all hit home runs in the 10-0 victory. More importantly, Stott and Schwarber had four hits a piece, and this team is red hot under new management. 


In sum, Farzetta believes that Bryce Harper is the persona this team has started to embody. The Phils are calm and know when to turn on the intensity. This is Harper’s team. He is the voice in the clubhouse to get the Phillies to October baseball for the first time in over a decade.  


Next, Marc soars into some Eagles Talk about Jalen Hurts. The fans know Hurts did not go to SoCal and talk to Tom House just to write down some pointers. Hurts’ work ethic indicates he has put in a lot of work this offseason, and people want to see it. According to Nick Sirianni, Jalen is crisper at hitting the drops, reading the field, and honing his fundamentals. This year, Shane Steichen is taking over as play-caller for Sirianni to free him up for other duties. It seems that Sirianni’s play-calling handcuffs him from specific duties as head coach. However, Sirianni is the head coach and will make final decisions for all aspects of the team. 


On another note, Farzy talks about the new Adam Sandler film Hustle. The film stars Sandler and other NBA Players and Legends around an undiscovered Spanish basketball player trying to make it to the league. The movie was filmed in Philly, and Marc loved how Philly was not just a supporting role. This is for you if you love Philly, appreciate basketball, and love Philly in the film. 


Then, on the Rothman Orthopedic Guest Line, Dave Zangaro of NBCSports Philadelphia joins the show to discuss the Eagles and their OTAs. Off the bat, Zangaro prefaces the media has been limited to 2/6 OTA practices thus far, so they have a small sample size. Regardless, Dave sees Hurts’ accuracy has significantly increased and has impressed him. Farzetta and Zangaro discuss Jordan Davis and his transition from the SEC to the NFL. Dave says that Jordan has embraced getting paid to stay in shape and stresses the need to transform his body will be crucial to his longevity in the league. 


Additionally, the Eagles’ additions of Bradberry, Dean, Reddick, and Davis all impact the defense and give the Birds versatility. Dave and Marc discuss DC Jonathan Gannon’s scheme and how some fans believe he is not a good coach. This seems inaccurate since three teams interviewed Gannon for an HC position this off-season. The Eagles, on paper, are an exciting team, and this season will be interesting. 


Finally, the Steak & Main sponsors the chat check on Social Media, answering all the fans’ comments and concerns about Philly sports. The fans and Farzy discuss the mixed feelings towards arguably the best QB in Eagles history, Donovan McNabb. The chat continues discussing the Phillies and Marc’s shirt color choices. 


On the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Zach Eflin will be on the mound for the Phightins in the finale against reigning NL Cy Young Award winner Corbin Burnes. Today’s game is a 2:05 pm start time in Milwaukee, and hopefully, the Phils can keep the offense going. The Celtics beat the Warriors 116-100 in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.  


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