Riley Cote joins The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta | Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

There is plenty to get to today as Farzy brings you the latest hot takes on Philly Sports. Marc begins the show by congratulating the Milwaukee Bucks as Giannis put on a legendary performance, scoring fifty points to claim his first ring and help the Bucks lift their first championship in fifty years.

Farzy is frustrated with the Sixers trading Jrue Holiday and relives the year Giannis was drafted into the NBA. What impressed Marc the most with Antetokounmpo was “the mentality of the player.  You know what you have in Giannis every single night. You know what type of player he is. You know he is going to give you great defense. You know he is going to attack the rim. You know he is going to shoot a couple of jump shots and even if he airballs one he is not going to be deterred,” Farzy explains.

Throughout Antetokounmpo’s career,  Marc has appreciated the athlete that he is and the mindset he brings to the game, highlighting the importance of a good mindset as an athlete. Farzy draws comparisons with Ben Simmons who just doesn’t have the same mindset as Giannis does. Call it what you want, the Mamba mentality or simply resiliency but Antetokounmpo has a mentality that separates him from the rest of the NBA. “Sports are weird sometimes,” Farzy jokes as he thinks about how it could have been the Sixers lifting the Larry O’Brien trophy.  Maybe next year?

Do you remember when Farzy was excited about the Phillies?  Well, reality struck, as the Phillies succumbed to the New York Yankees 6-4. Marc is most disappointed in Aaron Nola who has caused many problems on this Phillies rotation. One night it is mechanics, one night he is just off, but Farzy says there is no excuse.  “Where does it end? Hopefully soon,” Farzetta says.

Farzy brings you the social media check-in a little earlier in the show, as he talks about the new banner hanging outside Lincoln Financial Field with Nick Foles holding the Vince Lombardi trophy.  After four seasons, since the Eagles’ incredible Superbowl win, Marc thinks that it seems like “a swing and a miss for the Eagles to post that.”

Farzetta moves into the Flyers, discussing who would potentially fill the shoes of Ryan Ellis. Could JVB rise to the occasion? Before moving into the Sixer’s continuous pursuit of Damian Lillard with the Miami Heat throwing themselves into the mix.

Farzy dives into the Morning Rush Segment, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, going deeper into the Bucks dazzling championship run.  Marc did not think that the Bucks would beat the Brooklynn Nets but once they did, lifting the title was inevitable. Farzy says that sometimes in sport we lose track of sportsmanship, but Giannis showed this trait when he was asked why he stayed in Milwaukee and didn’t join a super team.

Monty Williams’ post-conference also touched Farzy who let it all out when asked about his experience on his first NBA Finals.  “If that is not a coach,” Marc says. He wishes that everyone had the same class that Williams does.

The Phillies will look to bounce back in their second game against the Yankees tonight.