Ryan Spaeder joins The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta

“We have a Sixers game to talk about,” Marc says. Farzy put on an emergency show, last night, following last night’s game as he gave his in-the-moment takes following the 76ers Game 5 loss to the Atlanta Hawks after blowing a twenty-six-point lead. If you haven’t already, go check it out! If you think that a night’s sleep would have calmed Farzy’s emotions, think again!

He is riled up and lets the frustrations rip throughout the show, “The 76ers last four quarters of second-half basketball has been absolutely atrocious,” who is so incredibly pissed off as the Sixers are now on the brink of elimination.  

“Who would have thought we would be begging for the 60% free throw shooter of Ben Simmons?” Farzy asks us. He also expresses his rath at Joel Embiid not being able to close out the game. “What if Kevin Durant did not close out the game against Milwaukee? That is not what superstars do. It is not what MVP candidates do. Two games in a row not being able to do so is pitiful.”  However, what really angers Marc was Ben Simmons lack of defense in the second half.

Farzy checks in with Doc Rivers who expressed his thoughts: “It’s on all of us, it’s on me, it’s on the players. It’s about figuring out how to get back up which we will.” Before adding “we will bring the game back here [Philadelphia] for a game 7.” Marc then talks about the tweet that ESPN sent out that read: “The 76ers are the only team in the last 25 seasons to blow at least an 18-point lead in back-to-back playoff games in the last 25 Seasons. They had a win probability of 95.5% at one point in Game 4, and it reached 99.7% late in the 3rd quarter of Game 5.”  

For our mental wellbeing, Farzy catches us up on the Phillies 2-0 win in the last game of the series against the Los Angeles Dodgers thanks to Zack “the A.T.M” Wheeler. 

During our first social media check-in, Farzy discusses his thoughts on how the 76ers let their guard down and a funny fan who sarcastically jokes on how “at least we are historic.”

Marc welcomes MLB analyst, Ryan Spaeder who has opened the flood gate on cheating allegations in the MLB. Spaeder talks about his frustrations with the MLB and their lack of involvement particularly the head of baseball: Rob Manfred. 

He believes it was time for all of this to come out. If you are curious to read more on Spaeders’ findings, go to

When Marc asks Ryan what he wants to happen, Ryan promptly responds: “Not what happened,” who has received a slew of death threats in the aftermath of his findings. He also comes back on the disappointment of his idol, Chase Utley, being the biggest cheater of them all. 

The only reason the MLB is paying attention to the sticky substance issue is the “collective bargaining” agreement that is simply pitting players against each other to essentially make these guys fight,” Spaeder explains. To keep up on the latest developments, follow Ryan at @theaceofspaeder.

During our second social media check-in, fans react to Marc and Ryan’s conversation.

In our Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Marc brings us the sad news of Dennis Grove from the Raise the Cat movement, whose cat Izzy was put down yesterday. In the West, the Los Angeles Clippers dust off the Utah Jazz without Kawhi Leonard and the Brooklyn Nets attempt to close out the Milwaukee Bucks. 

In the Big Bets segment, brought you by DraftKings, Farzy talks about how he split his bets, which is better than Ben Simmons free throw shooting, he jokes. Farzy bet on a Sixers win but he made up ground by betting on Embiid to score above thirty points and make at least one three-pointer. Which he did. Farzy picks the Bucks to extend the series to seven.