Sixers Drop Game 1 | Josh Adams Joins The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta | 5/3

“Like it or not,” this is a tough Tuesday for Philly fans as the Sixers drop Game 1. This morning on The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta, joined by Former Philadelphia Eagle and Warrington, PA native Josh Adams. 


Marc starts the show flabbergasted by “Duck” Rivers’ quote, “Like or not, DeAndre Jordan will get the starts.” This is another ridiculous line for the “Duck Rivers Greatest Hits Album.” Paul Reed had an excellent performance, and yes, he got into foul trouble, but why ruin a good thing going in a game? The Sixers were down 14 and came back to lead by one in half, and then you revert to another player who is not playing as well; logically, this does not add up. 


The Sixers lost Game 1 against the Miami Heat in South Beach, but it cannot be blamed on Duck Rivers. Farzy lays out that without Joel Embiid, shooting was abysmal, even with showing signs of life with Paul Reed and momentum, and Rivers chose not to continue that. Rivers says the players decided this, and he followed them. Here is a situation where following the hot hand as a coach is a no-brainer. Reed returned nine minutes into the second half, so what’s the point? The players believe they can correct their mistakes and beat the Heat and feast on their mistakes, so we will see. 


Next, Farzy discusses the Birds and the introduction of AJ Brown to the media. Brown mentions he wants to win, and he feels he can make a significant impact. The team can win, according to Brown. Marc points out that Brown wants to be a mentor in ways, and hopefully, it shows through work ethic and showing up rather than just words. Philadelphia cares about one thing and one thing only: hard work. If AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith work well as a tandem, then Jalen Hurts’ job will only get easier. 


Then, on the Rothman Orthopedic Guest Line, Farzetta is joined by former Eagle Josh Adams to discuss his Warrington Park renovation. The newly renovated park started planning in 2019 and opened this past weekend, dubbed DocterAdams Park, located at 2235 Oxford Road. Josh talks about expecting to get drafted. He went undrafted, and signing with the Eagles was an amazing opportunity to play for his hometown team. Adams talks about how Jason Peters and Darren Sproules took him under their wings when playing for the Birds. Adams finishes off by saying always stay hungry as the best advice for his past self and never lose that fight. Josh is excited to begin his new chapter with the New Orleans Saints this season. 


Steak and Main chat check is back, answering all the fans’ comments and talking about Philly sports. Marc and the fans get into the bad moves made by the Sixers in Game 1, especially why Matisse Thybulle is not shutting down the hot hands of the Heat players. Marc transports the audience back to his grade school days and believes rockets should be on cars! Wouldn’t that be fun?


Finally, on the Morning Rush, brought to you by Sky Motor Cars, Farzetta lets you know the Phillies are starting a two-game series with the Texas Rangers tonight at 6:45 pm with Ranger Suarez on the mound. Sixers return on Wednesday at 7:30 pm. 


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