Sixers go up 3-0 v. Toronto Raptors | Phils Win! | The Farzy Show 4/21

Farzy is ready to catch up on everything in the Philly Sports World with this new episode of The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta brought to you by Destination Retirement. 


Starting off with the fantastic come-from-behind overtime victory north of the border for the Sixers over the feisty Nick Nurse Dinosaurs. The Sixers go up 3-0 v. Toronto Raptors behind a second-half surge from Joel Embiid. Let’s just say that despite Embiid’s abysmal first-half play, he came in like the asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. 


Then, the Phightin’ Phils finally snagged the finale against the Colorado Rockies in the hitter-friendly Coors Field in a 9-6 victory. Nick Castellanos, Kyle Schwarber, Johan Camargo, and Alec Bohm sent the ball flying a mile high in Denver. It was far from perfect, Eflin struggled, and Bohm missed first base.

The Phillies return to the City of Brotherly Love tomorrow against the Milwaukee Brewers. Ranger Suarez will get the start against Freddy Peralta in South Philadelphia at 7:05 pm. 


Additionally, in a shocking turn of events, Villanova Men’s Basketball coach and Hall of Famer Jay Wright steps down as head coach of the Wildcats. Marc believes this is a smart play, career-wise, for the classiest guy in college hoops, but there is no way this is the end of his coaching career. 


Next, Farzy discusses the Sixers going up 3-0 v. Toronto Raptors on the Rothman Orthopedics Locker Room Report. Tyrese Maxey came up big. Unfortunately, James Harden fouled out in the 4th, and the Sixers still pulled out the win. Sixers’ big man Joel Embiid had high praise for Tobias Harris’ screen, leading to the phenomenal final shot that put them over the Raptors in OT. MVP, EMVPiid! Say no more. MVP is all you need to know!


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